Mariela Pepin 

    Miss Maryland USA 2019

    On Sunday, October 28, 2018 Mariela Pepin was crowned Miss Maryland USA 2019. Just five years ago, Mariela held the title of Miss Maryland Teen USA making her one of six young ladies to hold both titles in the state of Maryland. Mariela is 22 years old and a senior at Towson University, where she will complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies in December, 2018. Mariela is from Severn, Maryland, where her family settled after traveling across the world while her father served in the United States Army. A graduate of Meade Senior High School, Mariela gained a passion for public speaking, volunteering, and languages while maintaining her excellent grades and extracurricular activities. Mariela is a native Spanish speaker, has studied French for seven years, and recently began learning American Sign Language. Mariela believes that the key to connecting with people is to learn about and become involved with various, diverse cultures.
    Upon completion of her degree, Mariela plans to further her education by obtaining a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Communications, which she hopes to use as she travels the world working as a Marketing and Public Relations Director for international charities.
    Mariela’s love of travel and giving back were instilled and nurtured from a young age as she watched her parents participate in charitable causes and help those in need. Soon after, Mariela began to participate and knew she wanted to continue making a difference in the lives of others. Mariela recently served on her first Mission Trip, helping to rebuild homes in Puerto Rico that were destroyed by Hurricane Maria; an especially meaningful trip as Mariela was born in Puerto Rico and has many family members there who were adversely affected by the disaster. She hopes to continue serving on mission trips around the country and globe.
    Mariela is passionate about encouraging others to be confident, positive and to pursue their passions. She created the Fearless for Life message, which encompasses the idea of cultivating confidence and positivity in preparation for any life situation, as confidence is a necessary tool to accomplish one’s goals. Mariela discusses Fearless for Life on her social media platforms as well as during public speaking engagements.

    Mariela is extremely grateful and excited for this opportunity ahead, and hopes to bring back the Miss USA 2019 crown to Maryland!

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